API 4F Masts

Recognized worldwide, the API Monogram is a voluntary licensing program, which facilitates the consistent manufacturing of product conforming to the applicable API Specifications.

With continuous years of good standing with API, and as a licensed manufacturer of the 4F Standard (since 2005), CARE Industries has been given the authority to apply the API Monogram registered mark (API 4F-0108) and Monogram to designed and manufactured Masts that meet the API 4F specification requirements.

Involvement in this program demonstrates CARE Industries' ability to manufacture Masts that conform to API Product specifications as well as a Quality Management System (QMS) that is compliant with API Spec Q1 - an industry-leading quality management standard. You can be confident that you are receiving a product that is designed and manufactured to the highest standards.

Exploration and Production Groups recognize the value and benefit of the API 4F monogram, a common pre-requisite for establishing your equipment and team onsite. Allow your company the distinction of having quality manufactured equipment and give yourself a competitive advantage.

For information on our API Q1, API 4F or API 8C certifications, please see go to Our Processes and Certifications page here.

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