Engineering & Drafting

At CARE we understand that our clients provide a service to their customers that is unique, fit for purpose and ready to deliver results. You need equipment that:

  • performs at a level that keeps pace with your business
  • is reliable and protects the trust you have earned with your people and your customers
  • is delivered on time when you need it

You can be confident in our design and development process that has been refined, tested and proven through our 20+ years of industry service. We recognize that the effectiveness of a design hinges on a diligent study of your unique application. We take a keen interest in understanding the unique challenges that you face ensuring we deliver the solution that meets your specific needs .

You can count on a dependable, quality solution with our knowledge and experience working with API product specifications, regional transport regulations and structural design codes eliminating potential noncompliance and safety issues.

Our dedicated engineering and drafting team work with the latest CAD and analysis software to create an efficient build and to prove out your design before it goes to work.

Proven Ability. Dependable Processes. Custom Solutions.


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