Field Services

International Field Services

We know that your Drilling and Workover equipment needs to perform reliably and consistently. Sometimes, you may need assistance to troubleshoot, repair or upgrade your equipment and we are here to help. Furthermore, we are also available for training to ensure your staff is competent to Rig Up and Operate the equipment.

Our International Field Services will support you and your operation and ensure that we are delivering a solution to meet your unique needs. We have sent Project Managers, Engineers, Service Technicians and tradespeople to many, many places in the world. Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • International Visa Support, including travel and logistics;
  • Onsite Commissioning;
  • Training and Support for Crews;
  • Assembly & Testing of new or upgraded Equipment;
  • Preventative Maintenance and Maintenance Planning;
  • Troubleshooting and Repairs to existing Equipment;
  • Feasibility Studies for Upgrades and Changes;

With our knowledge and experience providing international field services you can be confident that:

  • We can arrange for immediate deployment, having our experienced team onsite as soon as possible, minimizing downtime and allowing us to assess the situation and create solutions.
  • Our experienced team has worked world-wide and understands the importance of working with local companies, trades, and company associates.
  • We can supply components and parts that provide you peace of mind that your product design requirements and manufacturing criteria will meet OEM specifications.
  • Pre-manufactured components can be installed on major assemblies in country to reduce your downtime and increase your equipment's effectiveness.

Field Mechanical Services (Domestic)

We have a team of mechanics ready and available to support you and your equipment. When requested, we have a completely outfitted service truck, with DDDL Detroit Diesel OEM software and trained personnel to diagnose and address a wide array of mechanical issues.

Portable Welding Services (Domestic)

Our fleet of Portable Welding Trucks and skidded welding units can be deployed to repair or perform field fabrication and welding. We can offer a multitude of welding process options including SMAW (stick), MCAW (metalcore), FCAW (fluxcore), and GMAW (mig) in the field.

Furthermore, we can offer Pressure Welding services in the field for specific types of welding and environments.

Rig and Equipment Inspections

At CARE Industries we have an entire Mechanical Division with a team of certified Heavy Duty Mechanics trained and qualified to complete your Rig Inspections.

Our Rig Inspection services follow criteria set forth by the CAOEC (Canadian Association of Energy Contractors) which includes a range of recommended practices for oilfield equipment. CARE Industries is well versed in preventative and routine maintenance to ensure the safety and reliability of your operations.

With our top-down approach, we use multiple levels of expertise to create a detailed inspection, focusing on giving you an informed and detailed evaluation on your equipment condition and cost-effective solutions should repairs or upgrades be identified.

You can feel confident that CARE Industries detailed inspection is completed with competency. Combined, our team has over 130 years experience, giving you the benefit knowing your equipment is ready for service and eliminating potential downtime – maintaining your valuable customer relationship with reliable and safe equipment.

Proven Ability. Dependable Processes. Custom Solutions.


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