Support Equipment

Oilfield Support Equipment comes in many forms and sizes and covers a wide range of products. In its many years of working in the industry, we have designed and manufactured many custom and repeat order pieces of equipment. We take great pride in the equipment that is built!

Pump Trucks, Pump Skids and Tanks

We have built many Pump Trucks for use in the workover package and each one is unique to the customer's needs. Differences in customer preferences for Truck manufacturers, Pump manufacturers and layout each meet a unique need in the marketplace. We work with you to try and understand what is important and ensure that the final product meets your needs and operates properly in the environment it was intended.

Pump systems can be designed and manufactured to meet 3000, 5000, 7500, 10000 or 15000 psi requirements depending on your needs. Pump systems can be mobile or skid mounted, or in that rare application even heli-portable.

Equipment Trucks and Decks

Equipment Truck design can be made to accommodate many different requirements depending on your needs. Identify your requirements and let us see if we can design an Equipment Truck or Equipment skid that exceeds your expectations.

Doghouse Trailers and Skids

We can manufacture many different kinds of Doghouses and Offices including mobile, skidded and integrated support buildings as part of the Rig.

Pipe Handling and Automation

Pipe Handling Equipment can come in many forms from simple catwalks to fully automated pipe handling solutions that eliminate workers from handling any materials. We have manufactured many solutions and we are ready to manufacture your pipe handling equipment.

Proven Ability. Dependable Processes. Custom Solutions.


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