Custom Oilfield Equipment

CARE Industries has been involved in many custom manufacturing projects through the years. With over 175 years of combined Project Management, Engineering, Fabrication and Mechanical experience, you can feel confident knowing that we have the experience to design, upgrade and manufacture your custom equipment to the right standards.

Swab Rigs

Swabbing units from CARE Industries are recognized as the industry leader in technology and innovation. Advanced electronic depthometers, weight indicators, speed monitoring systems and being the first to manufacture a slant mast design, separate our swabbing units from our competition. Mobile swab rigs are available in customer’s choice of truck chassis in tandem or tri-drive axle configurations. Our swab rigs are designed for rapid and safe rig up, rig out operations and are lightweight to be able to operate through road ban conditions.

Specialized Tool String Handler

We recently designed, manufactured and tested a Specialized Tool String Handler. The unit was designed on a welded steel frame with live roll ends, complete with 100 AMP, 480 Volt power supply, and a Wrench Assembly capable of torqueing 2.875" - 5.5" diameter tubing. The Wrench Assembly has an optional torque readout and has a maximum applied torque of 500ft/lb. The Handling Arm is capable of handling 40-50' joints and is hydraulically raised with (2) single stage hydraulic cylinders. The overall dimensions of the unit are 35' x 4' x 42" high.

Degassers & Tanks

Through the years, CARE has manufactured many custom Tanks and Degassers for Customers. Our approach is to understand your needs and then design the product to meet your performance and input requirements. Call us to see if we can help with your project!

Proven Ability. Dependable Processes. Custom Solutions.


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