Level IV Recertification

CARE Industries is your Level IV Service provider!

We have successfully completed and delivered over 100 Level IV Inspections and Rig Upgrades, ranging from In-Field Level IV Inspections to complete rebuilds of Rigs. We know have proven ability to deliver on promises!

Our team of knowledgeable, industry professionals offer a unique mix of concrete, long-term experience working to identify and manufacture custom upgrades to meet the ongoing demands of the industry. You can trust our ability to deliver excellent equipment completed to CAOEC Recommended Practices, ensuring equipment and properties are within the specified acceptance criteria.

Proven Ability. Dependable Process. Reliable Equipment.

Why Choose CARE Industries as your Level IV Provider?

Through the years and the experiences of doing Level IV Recertification and Upgrades, we are confident we can offer you a unique experience which blends the best of our experience (to get you reliable equipment) with the most efficient solution available (to ensure it is priced correctly). From the most basic Level IV Inspections to the most challenging full rebuilds and upgrades, we are here to share our experiences and help you through the process.

To assist in understanding why CARE Industries may be the best solution for you, we have prepared a presentation for you to review titled "Choosing a Level IV Service Provider". Click here for the presentation.

The Process:

  • Identify – You identify a rig that requires a Level IV/Restoration and is not contributing to your return on capital investment. Let us work with you to produce reliable, custom equipment to operate with a goal of maximizing utilization and performance.
  • Inspect – We will disassemble and inspect your rig and provide a quote for the Equipment and Upgrades you want to have.
  • Review – You then select the upgrades, repairs and improvements that you want to include and allow us the opportunity to customize a process to best meet your needs.
  • Scope of Work – You have full control over the scope and details or your Level IV (Basic Level IV Mast Inspection to a complete overhaul and upgrade). Upon review of your equipment and proposed process, you will get a reconditioned rig delivered on time and on budget – ready for another 24,000 hours of work.
  • Completion – You can have pride and confidence in your equipment! We are here for you and all of your equipment needs!

Proven Ability. Dependable Processes. Custom Solutions.


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