Tubing Block Recertification

At CARE Industries our team of talented Engineers, Drafters, and licensed Heavy Equipment Technicians have years of hands on experience working with traveling block re-certifications and repairs. Whether your equipment is certified to the requirements of CAOEC, API or some other standard, you can rest assured that we will understand the requirements and ensure that the repair is performed in accordance with your needs. dependable, and custom designed to meet your unique industry needs, our re-certification processes will result in a firm quote based off inspection results before proceeding with repairs, with fast turnaround, and great quality.

We can perform Level IV Certification and Repairs for McKissick Series 80 Tubing Blocks in accordance with CAOEC Recommended Practice 4.0, OEM and other customer requirements. These repairs and recertification activities are performed under the supervision of an Engineer and will come with a Certificate once completed.

You can trust the expertise of our qualified team with your equipment and have confidence knowing it was done right and is ready to perform.

Proven Ability. Dependable Processes. Custom Solutions.


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