Heli-Portable Rig Packages & Design

CARE Industries has designed Heli-Portable drilling packages that are designed and fabricated with the rig crew in mind; fully modular construction with the ease of assembly and customized weight requirements to allow for ease of assembly and more efficient rig up/out times.

With a focus on reducing fly loads while incorporating a design that allows for minimizing load schedules, CARE Industries has demonstrated the ability to meet customers' design requirements for a more competitive Heli Transportable Drilling Rig.

Fully compliant to industry standards, CARE Industries holds a current certificate of authority to use API 4F, 8C, Q1 and CWB. You can rest assured knowing our 20+ years of industry experience will allow for the completion of a Centre Section to the thorough project management and procurement of a Turnkey Package.

Our in-house manufacturing allows for ownership of product quality, delivery schedules, and aftermarket service support. We will work with you to manage timeline, budget, deliverables, post-delivery support, logistics, operations, and maintenance.

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