Drilling Rig Packages & Design

As an established Drilling Manufacturer for the Global Oil and Gas Industry, we at CARE Industries have been successful in developing relationships with our clients to understand and meet the logistical challenges of their unique working conditions. We understand that you require equipment that will provide long-term strategic, operational, and financial outcomes.

Fully compliant to industry standards, CARE Industries holds a current certificate of authority to use API 4F, 8C, Q1 and CWB. You can rest assured knowing our 20+ years of industry experience will allow for the completion of a Center Section to the thorough project management and procurement of a Turnkey Package.

Proven standardized design to custom design and manufacturing, CARE Industries has successfully completed projects for conventional drilling in North America, pad work in Columbia, sand packages for use in the Middle East, to API SR1 compliance for Arctic climates.

Our in-house manufacturing allows for ownership of product quality, delivery schedules, and aftermarket service support. We will work with you to manage timeline, budget, deliverables, post-delivery support, logistics, operations, and maintenance.

Differentiate yourself from the competition.

Proven Ability. Dependable Processes. Custom Solutions.


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