Welding Services

Welding Processes and Certification

CARE takes great pride in understanding your welding and materials requirements to make sure that we do the job right, the first time. By first understanding the requirements of your project, we can apply the right procedures, the right process and the right people to get the job done.

We maintain certification to CSA Standard 47.1 for the Fusion Welding of Steel . See the "Our Processes and Certifications for details of the certification.

We offer a range of welding processes which include SMAW (Manual Metal Arc Welding or "Stick"), GMAW (Gas Metal Arc Welding or "MIG"), FCAW (Flux Core Arc Welding), GTAW (Gas Tungsten Arc Welding) and MCAW (Metal Core Arc Welding) to meet your needs. We have hundreds of Qualified Weld Procedures to meet the Material and Processes needs of your project. Furthermore, we can perform both Manual and Automated Welding depending on what your requirements are. Welded Materials include Mild Steel, High Tensile Steel, Stainless, Galvanized, Aluminum and many other types of materials. We ensure a Controlled Process is used and there is a qualified, effective welding process followed, the process is performed by a qualified individual and the equipment used is calibrated and maintained to meet the requirements. Verification of Competency is managed through CWB Testing of Welders for Position and Process.

Shop Fabrication and Welding

In the shop, we can perform many welding applications to manufacture new product or repair existing equipment. Fabricators and Welders are here to read and understand your drawings, fabricate the assemblies and weld the product to specified requirements. Our Quality Management System (QMS) requirements ensure that product requirements are met.

Additional services are also available for material processing and handling. We have over 33,000 square feet of manufacturing space in a new facility with 10 Ton and 20 Ton Overhead Cranes. We have a Press Brake and Shear of forming and manufacturing materials. As well, some welding processes require Pre-Heat and Post Weld Heat Treatment which can also be accommodated at CARE.

Field Welding Services

Our Welding Field Services provides qualified and committed on-site competence for all types of required welding services. Continually working to expand and improve our field service offerings and performance, CARE Industries has become the choice for many clients in Central Alberta and the surrounding area.

We currently have two fully mobile Welding Trucks operated by well rounded and trained team members providing dependable, reliable, and professional services. Our team is made up of certified CWB, B-Pressure, Journeymen welders experienced in high-pressure and structural welding. In addition, we also have skidded welding units for portable work to meet your onsite needs.

With over 175 years of combined Project Management, Engineering, Fabrication and Mechanical experience, you can feel confident that our most experienced and trustworthy team members are on the job!

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